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Proudly presenting to our customers in Japan the most popular MiYaBi treatments from Australia.


With our aromatherapy treatment, you have the option to choose from our very popular and unique Miyabi Original Blend Oil, using only the highest quality of Australian Natural Oils.


Alternatively, we offer a Luxury Package using the organic ZIEL ESSENCE products. A carefully crafted and blended natural and vegan product range, that not only smells amazing but carries therapeutic benefits too. Experience the most relaxing facial you will experience! 


Aromatherapy (Deep Tissue Massage)


Enjoy the high quality aroma blend oils available exclusively to our stores in Japan, imported directly from Australia. This treatment will thoroughly relax your body and mind while being embraced in the lovely soothing aroma of the essential oil.


Choosing from our three Original Blend Oils:

  • Neck & Shoulder

  • Relax for Men

  • Relax for Women

 45min                            ¥6,600
 60min                            ¥8,800
 75min                                ¥11,000
 90min                                  ¥13,200
120min                                  ¥17,050

Oriental Herb Oil Treatment

Oriental Herb Oil Treatment

Deep Tissue_edited.jpg

Using the famous Chinese medicinal herb oils with a sweet almond oil, this treatment is especially effective for those experiencing muscle soreness and muscle stiffness. Recommended for those after training and exercise. ​

 45min                            ¥6,050
 60min                            ¥8,250
 75min                               ¥10,450
 90min                                  ¥12,650
120min                                  ¥15,950

Oil Relax Session

Relax Session with Oil Treatment

Oil Relax Seesion_edited.jpg

Traditional oil massage tailored to your specific needs, whether firm or soft, using our highly moisturising sweet almond oil, for a session that truly relaxes body and mind.

 45min                             ¥5,500
 60min                             ¥7,700
 75min                                 ¥9,350
 90min                                    ¥11,550
120min                                  ¥14,850




Using reflexology techniques, with our exclusively imported Australian cream or oil, focusing on key pressure points on the feet to bring balance to the body by stimulating its own inherent healing capacity, thus improve general good health.

​ 30min                                       ¥4,400

 45min                             ¥6,050
 60min                             ¥8,250




Using all natural and organic facial ingredients, this treatment is tailored to your individual needs to not only treat a wide range of concerns as well as rejuvenate your skin. 

  • Jiyugaoka

60 min                            ¥8,800

  • Yokohama Tressa 

60min                                 ¥8,800

105min                ¥14,850

Luxury Packages

Luxury Packages



Proudly handmade with all natural and vegan ingredients in Melbourne, ZIEL essence is a product range that is synonymous to luxury. Exclusively available in Japan at MiYaBi Natural.​

Experience the most relaxing facial ever with our skilled and experienced therapist!

luxury package.jpg
  • Yokohame Tsurumi

 75min                           ¥10,450

 90min                                  ¥12,650

 105min                                 ¥14,850

 120min                                  ¥18,150

  • Jiyugaoka

 70min                                       ¥9,600

 85min                            ¥11,800

 100min                                ¥14,000

 130min                                 ¥17,850

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