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MiYaBi Natural Therapy

Natural Therapy from Australia

About MiYaBi

Beautiful and Organic Oil Treatment developed in Australia

MiYaBi Natural Therapy started in Melbourne, Australia, offering authentic Japanese massage experience for all customers. Each of our locations provide the highest standard of Japanese massage, after which you will feel revitalised, energised, connected and balanced.


Our therapists have been trained specifically based on our years of experience both in Japan and Australia to spread the splendour of Japanese massage, while providing individually customised and attentive treatment to suit your needs.

Come experience our most popular Aromatherapy Oil Treatment with our original world-class quality oil and soothe your body and mind.



Would you like to become a Massage Therapist?

MiYaBi is already delivering exceptional high standard of Japanese Massage experience, through our professional techniques and service, to our lucky customers in Australia!


We provide a unique training and support programme to our therapists, developed through our years of service to the industry that is unparalleled to any other.

Join us in celebrating and promoting this unique and wonderful Japanese experience to the world!

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